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Tips for Boys!

OK guys, we have some tips to actually make this a fun experience for you.  We aren't going to make you dress up in some goofy outfits and pose with some ugly props.








  1. If you show up late or not ready then that means less camera time.
    1. NO LARGE STRIPES OR PLAID!! Solids photograph much better.
    2. Bring a variety of color; don't bring 5 blue shirts even if it's your favorite color.
    3. Vary the style, all one look (like tanks or tees) gets boring.
    4. Vary the dressiness. Bring something more formal and then outfits that are more casual.  Let mom pick out an outfit, then bring the stuff YOU like.
    5. BRING A DARK T-SHIRT TO WEAR UNDER DARK SHIRTS. A white t-shirt triangle under a dark shirt sticks out like a sore thumb. Black or gray are good choices.
    6. Our sessions let you do unlimited looks within your time period. This means the faster you change clothes, the more clothing changes you'll have.
    7. Light clothes look better on lighter backgrounds and darker clothes look better on darker backgrounds.
    8. We'll start your session outdoors, so shots with the stone wall & stone work look best with dark colors on. Jeans are fine if that is more your style.
    9. Group your outfits together ON HANGARS. It's amazing how many people bring their clothes stuffed in a bag and wonder why their shirts are wrinkled. You'll have hooks to hang your clothes on in the dressing room.
    1. Make sure you're clean shaven. Got a goatee that mom hates, but you love? Do your casual shots with it on first, then bring a razor & shave it off for mom's formals. Everyone is happy then.
  3. HAIR
    1. Avoid changing your looks right before your session. It's best to get a trim about 2 weeks before your session.
  4. PROPS
    1. BRING THEM!! They help define who you are and what your hobbies are. Sports equipment (soccer ball, football, snowboard, whatever), sports uniforms, music instruments, your car are all popular choices.
    1. AVOID SUNBURN!! Make sunscreen your best friend until your portrait session. We can not correct sunburn.
    2. If your session is in the winter or spring and your tan has faded, you might want to consider the tanning bed to give you a healthy summer "glow". But don't overdue it!