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Tips for Girls!

Girls- Here are a few tips that will help you get the most from your photography session. We will cover most of these topics during the consultation session but here are a few things to think about in advance.

    1. If your appointment is scheduled from 9:00-11:00am and you show up late, you will have less time in the camera room. Arrive early enough to be ready by your start time.
  2. CLOTHING (the most important thing to worry about)
    1. AVOID STRIPES & PLAIDS!! Solids photograph much better
    2. Bring a variety of color, don't bring 5 pink outfits even if it's your favorite color.
    3. Vary the style, all one look (like tanks) get boring very fast.
    4. Bring an outfit that's more formal (to please mom) and the rest of your outfits the stuff YOU like.
    5. Dark colored outfits/dresses look great for the outdoor scenery with stone work. As a general rule, light clothes look better on ligher backgrounds and dark clothes look better on darker backgrounds.
    6. Our sessions let you do unlimited looks within your time period. This means the faster you change your clothes, the more variety & looks you'll get with your session. Spend more than 5 minutes in the dressing room with each outfit, you'll get less time in front of the camera.
    7. We'll start your session in the outdoor garden area first. If your session is in the summertime, the garden shots look great with brightly colored outfits/sun dresses (like hot pink, turquis, etc). Then we'll do an outfit change to something that is darker in color for your shots with the stone work.
    8. Group your outfits together ON HANGARS. We have hooks that you'll be able to hang your outfits on so that way you won't have to worry about wrinkles. Yes, we'll still get people who'll bring their clothes stuffed in a duffle bag & then wonder why their clothes looked wrinkled in their pictures!!
    1. Make sure your clothing flatters you. If you think you have large arms, then stay away from sleeveless styles. They can make your arms look fuller. Michelle will pose you in ways that will flatter your body style.
    2. Watch out for tan lines with the outfits you pick out.
    3. For the "glamour fashion" look with a white background, make sure your clothing is white. The contrast between your skin coloring and the bright white makes for fun looks.
  4. CLOTHES FOR A BLACK & WHITE GLAM LOOK (high contrast black & white)
    1. This is best with black clothing. Dark colored bottoms also need to be worn. Again the contrast between your skin coloring and black makes for dramatic shots.
    1. Again tan lines look awful in portraits. If you like to layout & tan, pull your straps down so you'll avoid getting string marks when dressing for your session.
    2. Make sure sunscreen becomes your best friend!. We can not correct sunburn. Tan, yes, burn, no.
    3. If you have a winter or spring session and your tan has faded, you might want to consider the tanning beds to give you that nice summer glow. But don't overdue it.
  6. HAIR
    1. Avoid changing your look right before your session. If you get a trim/highlights do it about 2 weeks before your session.
  7. NAILS
    1. NAILS SHOW!! So you better come with a fresh coat of polish on or completely polish free. This includes your toe nails!!
    2. Natural colors look the best. If you have bright orange nail color on, it may look really bad with your next outfit.
  8. MAKE-UP
    1. BRING IT! Blush, eye shadow & most importantly lipstick or lip gloss. The lights for your indoor shots will diminish the make-up. You'll want to look like you're going out.
    2. NO SPF MAKE-UP!! Yes, SPF is good for your skin, but the SPF will create an oily shine on your face even if you put on a translucent powder on top of it.
    3. AVOID GLITTER/SPARKLE MAKE-UP. In a photo, the glitter will create a white spot that looks more like a zit. Glitter and sparkle make-up is good only when you're moving, not when you're still in a photo.
  9. PROPS
    1. BRING THEM!! They help define who you are and what you're hobbies are.
    2. Sports equipment (soccer ball, football, snowboard, whatever), sports uniforms, music instruments, dance leotards & shoes, swimming, & your car are some of the most popular choices.
    1. Seriously, it's sad that this is even a factor, but don't wear black or brightly colored flowered underwear and bring WHITE PANTS. Your undies will SHOW!! If wearing anything white, flesh colored (like nude) underwear & bras look the best.
    2. If you have a strapless bra you'll want to wear it with your strapless shirt. Tucking the straps down usually shows and looks bad.