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Picture Perfect Photography

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What Should I Expect?
So you chose the session that you wanted & you scheduled your appointment & checked out the Tips page, but you wanna know what to do now!

Schedule a consultation appointment before your session. During the consultation, you & your parent/guardian will be able to make choices for backgrounds in the indoor & outdoor locations.

The consultation does not take long and it helps us to give you what you want & let's us know what you like the best. The consulation appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes, but it will probably take less time.

Otherwise if you do not schedule a consultation & you wait until your session, your session time will be cut short because we did not communicate earlier on what you want & where you want your shots to be taken.

In short, this is what you can expect to happen...

  1. Schedule photo session & prepay for session
  2. Schedule consultation session
  3. Select locations & backgrounds at consultation
  4. Have fun at your photo session & Express Yourself
  5. Take proofs home & share with parents/guardian
  6. Schedule a selection session
  7. Selection session to let us know what to get ya & place a deposit for your order
  8. Pick-up order & pay remainder balance (if any)
  9. Pass out wallets & start referring your friends to PicturePerfect
  10. Earn $$ with each referral
  11. Have an incredible & memorable Senior Year!!