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Picture Perfect Photography

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Top 6 Questions

Top 6 Questions & Myths about Picture Perfect. If you have other questions, call us & we'll answer them for you!

6.    My friend went to someone else & had to spend a certain amount on her portraits because she wore 3 outfits for senior session, is there a minimum purchase requirement?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do not have minimum purchase requirements at all. We don't believe in them & we never will. If you want to & are able to spend a lot of money great, but if your family has a tight budget, no problem. We want you to absolutely love your pictures & have a wonderful experience instead of being forced to spend a certain amount of money because you wore 3 outfits for your session. Not onlyl that, but buyer's remorse is not a good feeling!


5.    You have to be a size 4 to come here.
No way! We'll try to make everyone look their best. Michelle will pose you in a way that is flattering for your body. If you're still uncomfortable, we can bring out other great features, like beautiful eyes or hair and hide anything you want.


4.    I have to buy pictures from who my school says.
WRONG! Your school might dictate who you have to use for the school yearbook photo, but you don't have to listen to them for your wallets and portraits. Many schools will get a "kickback" from the school photographer, so they would prefer you go their recommended person, but they can NOT dictate who you have to purchase from. Buy your portraits from the place you want to. If you don't like the work of your school photographer, complain!


3.    Some pictures look kind of sexy, do I have to do that?
Nope, be yourself. Some people are more conservative than others, so Michelle will treat them that way. Some people want more of a supermodel, high fashion look, so Michelle treats them that way. A lot depends on the outfits you bring to your session. Michelle wants you to look your best, but most importantly be yourself.


2.    Picture Perfect charges extra for everything.
Not true. Most studios DO charge for extra for many things like special effects, retouching and outdoor shots. Most of our enhancements are included standard. We want you to look your best, so we take care of any blemish, stray hair and yellow-looking teeth. We also do not charge extra for outdoor sceneries. Because of our studio location in Mariemont's Old Town Center, we are able to provide beautiful outdoor shots with each session. Small things like brace removal or special locations do require a minimal fee.


1.    You won't have fun during your senior session.
NO WAY! Michelle is very laid back and loves to have fun and listen to all types of music. She insists that each senior bring their ipod or mp3 player to listen to during their session.