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Clothing Tips


Stay away from stripes and patterns & stick to dark colors. For example: navy blue, brown, black, khakis, & denim always photograph well. These are simple, timeless pieces that will not date your picture because the clothing styles change. In portraits, stripes and patterns will take your focal attention away from your faces and gear it towards the clothing. A good rule of thumb, if it takes more than 10 minutes to dress your child, then it's probably the wrong outfit. Remember I'm photographing your family, not the cute outfit grandma bought at the boutique.

Shoes are not necessary for little ones for in-studio shots. There is nothing more precious than bare bottoms & bare piggies!

Stay away from white. White shirts will "wash out" your natural skin tone.

For more than one child, color coordinate their clothing. It doesn't need to be identical outfits, but the same color tones are recommended.

Have nails trimmed and cleaned-up. If your child is old enough for nail polish, make sure a fresh coat has been applied before the session. Minor blemishes and scratches can be retouched.

For Outdoor Shots:  Wear appropriate socks & shoes! Don't do white socks with dark shoes. A lot of full body shots will be taken with family portraits.

Parents: ALWAYS come to the session dressed as if you were going to have your pictures taken too. I will bring parents into the session to help relax the kids in a new environment. Black is recommended and flattering for every body type.